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Dressed in a tight-fitting black leather jacket and dark blue jeans, Lemonis is by now a practiced celebrity. He's stationed behind a velvet rope, ready for the drill: Put your arms around a group of fans, smile for the camera, and make a silly face for the second picture. Shake hands or hug; say something funny; on to the next fan. Every few seconds, camera flashes illuminate his face. Now in its fifth season, Lemonis's show has become the most-watched original series in CNBC's history.

He's spent the past five years sniffing out other people's concepts and then folding them into his portfolio. Raffel eventually sold her business to Lemonis and married him earlier this year. In many ways, Lemonis is an unlikely reality TV star. Lemonis is a believer in, and beneficiary of, the American faith in second chances and reinvention. He has spun that mythos into television gold, acquiring in the process the reputation of a "savior" uniquely able to rescue ailing small businesses, according to The New York Times.

For business owners looking for reinvention, reality TV can be a dicey backdrop. Baldwin and his partner were savvy enough to know the deal they had struck--a little humiliation at the hands of the Sharks in exchange for national exposure.

But many of the entrepreneurs who go on The Profit are looking for more than exposure--they are desperate and need a path to survival. Lemonis is able to attract these struggling business owners by positioning himself as the hero for the little guy, and, yes, to also make a little money for himself.

When Richard Emanuele, the founder of Mr. Perhaps the biggest success story is Bentley's Pet Stuff. Most of those who spoke to Inc. Multiple business owners report receiving death threats and intimidating phone calls for not taking a deal or talking back to Lemonis. Others needed to close their social media accounts due to the onslaught of explicit comments and fake negative reviews on Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook.

Others claim he does a deal because he wants the business, brand, or real estate, but doesn't actually want them. At some point, you realize this guy on TV who says he's helping companies isn't the real deal. Lemonis first learned the art of negotiation on a car lot in Florida. In , after graduating from Marquette University with a degree in political science, he went to work for Anthony Abraham Chevrolet.

He lost the bid, but while campaigning he says he met a lobbyist who worked for Wayne Huizenga. Huizenga lost the case, but always denied the allegation. He died earlier this year.

Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls (Official Video)

Iacocca--the legendary CEO of Ford and Chrysler and a Lemonis "family friend"--was a board member at Holiday RV and apparently advised him to ditch cars and instead focus on recreational vehicles, an industry that was ripe for consolidation. But William Curtis, a board member of Holiday RV Superstores who was part of the team that hired Lemonis to run the company, says it was a friend of Anthony Abraham's, not Iacocca, who suggested they interview him.

Lemonis often tells the story of being the turnaround agent at Holiday RV Superstores, which he describes as a struggling public company at the time he took over in According to public documents, by , the company's sales and revenue had decreased by over 40 percent. Original Title. Friend Reviews.

Body Positivity Is a Scam - Vox

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about No Fat Chicks , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. View 1 comment. Jul 23, Anna rated it liked it. Poulton is awesome. I respect her ability to clearly reveal the "billion dollar brainwash" as the ugly, transparent, sad, and incomprehensibly successful ploy that is.

However, the book is so much a fusion of her perfectly reasonable personal outrage and her thorough research, that it is sometimes hard to separate fact from angry sarcasm. I'm on the search now for current material about body-acceptance that is more inclusive with a clearer distinction between narrative and fact-based research. Feb 19, Cyberpope rated it it was amazing. An excellently well-thought-out expose of how big business conspires to turn a created collective feeling of low self esteem into billions of dollars a year of profits.

Oct 29, Denise rated it it was amazing.

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In American society women who are overweight are scorned and debased. I invoke Artemis, therefore, to support the development of girls' self-knowledge as it enables self-sufficiency, strength, and independence. Another source of empowerment is role models and mentors who can enact the values and behaviors that lead to success.

Boys customarily have coaches, brothers, and fathers who perform this role. In addition, the media routinely publicize the achievements of men, especially male athletes. Girls have far fewer role models to choose from, since socialization into "female-appropriate" roles requires women to give up athletic pleasures or suffer homophobic assaults. Women for whom abandoning sport is unthinkable may be treated with contempt or ignored completely.

'Embrace the squish' - one woman's journey from anorexia to body positivity

Sports media silence the voices of female athletes by providing relatively little and poor-quality coverage of girls' and women's sports. Yet another source of empowerment is social structures created to enable rather than disable the growth of self-worth. Boys learn their value through the social institutions that privilege them as a group, although they are also taught to believe in a meritocracy and not to recognize their unearned advantages. Women and girls, on the other hand, learn that their worth is based on something they cannot really control: their looks, their bodies, their youth.

Social institutions like the educational system with its "hidden curriculum" and the media with its insistence on a dangerously unhealthy body ideal are more likely to disable than enable girls. I invoke Artemis, therefore, to create and provide alternatives to our current social arrangements. Sport is the field on which gender battles are fought. The stakes at the material level may seem trivial, but the stakes at the symbolic level are not.

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These symbolic stakes include the empowerment of women and girls, the cessation of assaults on female subjectivity, and the end of the assumption of female inferiority and male superiority. Such symbolic stakes render the outcomes all the more consequential.

'Overweight Haters Ltd' isn't the anomaly you might think

Thank you, Dr. Stimpson, for providing the mythic context for an important present-day intervention. Coakley and P. Donnelly London: Routledge, , ; M.

How Does It Feel To Be Fat Shamed?

Messner, Taking the Field. Coakley, Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies , 8th ed. Eitzen and G. Sage, Sociology of North American Sport , 7th ed.

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  • 'Overweight Haters Ltd' isn't the anomaly you might think.
  • Catalog Record: How to fight back and win : the joy of | HathiTrust Digital Library.

New York: McGraw-Hill, Lorber, Paradoxes of Gender ; I. Young, Throwing Like a Girl. Hasbrook, "Young Children's Social Constructions. Lorber, Paradoxes of Gender. Davis and L. Prettyman and B.

Susie Orbach’s guide to books to understand yourself

Connell, Gender and Power ; T. Gorely, R. Holroyd, and D. Adler and P. Messner, "Sports and Male Domination.