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I absolutely loved the Louis Vuitton show.

If aliens call, do not hold a referendum on what to do next, say Britons

There is something so futuristic, multi-dimensional, and kind of unattainable about the LV girl. This season every model looked like an all-powerful space queen ready to rule the universe. I actually think my first job as a model may have also been the most formative because I learned so much about the artistic process behind fashion. She and her team spent hours pinning fabrics to me while I stood there observing their creative process.

Somehow, at the end of my time there, there was an entire collection ready to be worn down the runway and sold in stores all over the world. I was so lucky to have had this opportunity because I was immediately exposed to the artistic side of fashion.

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From then on, I was able to appreciate the hours of hard work and attention to detail that go into each piece that I'm lucky enough to wear. Are there things about the art world that you wish were more like the fashion world? I wish the art world were a bit more like the fashion world in that NEW is better.

When a new model enters the high fashion runway scene, no one can get enough of her. With art, it's usually the opposite — OLD is more respected, and I've found that it's harder to break into the art world as a new and unknown artist. It sounds silly, but growing up, I never imagined that models had unique personalities in addition to their beauty.

Because of the way we're often portrayed in the media, it was always just their faces that I saw and never anything else. When I first started modeling, I expected that other models would have the stereotypical "model" or "pretty girl" attitude.

But meeting, working with, and becoming one of these models has just really taught me that everyone has so much more to offer beyond what they present at face value. The depth and quality of the women I have met from all over the world has been just incredible. It seems so obvious, but I think this surprise — and the sheer fact that it even surprised me — really had an impact on me and is a huge driving force behind "My Aliens.

Models are often not valued for skill or effort, but rather for things we were born with. We do not have any creative voice or opinion, which sometimes does create a conflict in my head because I came into this industry from 22 years of life in a universe where my value and self-worth came from everything besides my looks. In fact, it was drilled into my head all my life that looks don't matter, and that to succeed I needed to study hard and learn skills to apply in the real world. In this way, fashion completely conflicts with my personal values — it's hard to have a job where how well I do depends on the one thing I was taught not to depend on.

I think this complete reversal of values might be why I feel so lost in this industry sometimes. For me, modeling often becomes a world of lonely confusion where I feel upside-down and backwards and that maybe I just don't belong —sounds like outer space to me! Photos by Taylor Tupy. Fashion Beauty. Entertainment Music. Care Politics. What is the inspiration for this show? There are certainly many young conservatives, especially military fetishists, who understand the proposed raid that way.

More Than 8 Lakh People Are Planning To Storm Area 51 in USA To 'Free Aliens' - News18

In their rebuttal memes, they fantasize about the U. The kids storming Area 51, not the aliens detained there, are the invaders. It is useful to compare Area 51's place in the meme to its place in the film Independence Day. The movie is a standard invasion narrative, with the aliens as the threat to civilization and the U. When the president, played by a charismatic Bill Pullman, learns halfway through the film that Area 51 has alien specimens, he asks why he was never told the truth about the Air Force base.

The answer is "plausible deniability," and that is good enough for the movie and its audience.

Is there a more rational way to scan the heavens for alien life?

Independence Day is not offering a critique of the U. The secrecy behind Area 51 is presented as a necessity, and badass fighter pilots, including the president himself, are the saviors of the day. Though it is likely unintentional, the Area51 meme hearkens to a fringe leftist ideology, Posadism, that similarly imagines extraterrestrials as allies rather than enemies. Posadas, an Argentine Trotskyist who led a splinter sect of the anti-Stalinist Fourth International , theorized that extraterrestrials, since they had achieved intergalactic travel without killing each other first, had transcended capitalism, imperialism, and violence, and would be a necessary part of the revolutionary vanguard on Earth.

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In a pamphlet , Posadas wrote, "We must appeal to the beings on other planets, when they come here, to intervene and collaborate with Earth's inhabitants in suppressing poverty. Though Posadism has seen a resurgence of interest at least ironically from leftists, the Area51 meme is more a kind of folk-Posadism — a growing openness to the possibility, as the globe warms and democracy falters, that extraterrestrials could run things better than whoever is running it now.

The aliens certainly couldn't do any worse.

It was perhaps inevitable that the Area51 meme would intersect with the extremely-online song of the summer, Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road. But these two meme universes fully collided last week when Lil Nas X released an animated music video titled "Old Town Raid. The video must be seen to be even feebly explained.

About My Aliens and Monsters Sticker Storybook

The Area 51 guards drop their guns in fear and urinate themselves; green goo pours from their orifices, presumably thanks to alien technology. Our heroes are then given gifts by the thankful aliens who are wearing hoodies and smoking joints : a hovering motorcycle, a robotic horse, a glowing green chain for Young Thug. It makes a strange sort of sense that Lil Nas X would lead the raid on Area Just as the Area51 meme scrambles the traditional narrative of the extraterrestrial, "Old Town Road" remixes and subverts the archetype of the American cowboy, appropriating a symbol that has long been tied to American territorial expansion and white patriarchal power.

One could not imagine John Wayne storming Area 51; if anything he'd be standing right alongside the guards. But Lil Nas X is a different kind of cowboy, one who is more interested in freeing his comrades than preserving U. The whole thing is unabashedly silly, and there are more than a few scolds who wish everyone joking about storming Area 51 would realize that they could channel that same energy into real revolutionary change. But that may be asking too much of a meme. It should be enough to hear the meme for what it is: an expression of distrust for, and estrangement from, those who claim to be protecting us.

At the heart of the Area51 meme is the nagging feeling that we no longer belong — that we were "born," as one of the StormArea51 t-shirts says, "on the wrong planet. Sign up for our free email newsletters. Bill Black. Today's best articles. Today's top cartoons. The good news newsletter. The week's best photojournalism. Daily business briefing.

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