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Below, the original titles are in-between brackets. When the original title is in English or without translation the brackets are not used.

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This list is a work in progress — so we ask for your help for titles missing within the genre of speculative fiction by portuguese authors. Stopover in Orongo [ Wanya. Vision no. Looking for the E. Anniversary no. Eden 2. Contact Zone [ Zona Contacto ], anthology edited by Fil.

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Meaning of "soluço" in the Portuguese dictionary

Seven Mani Kongo Arms: Gules, five arms in armoury, armed with a sword proper in lower semi-circle, in base the quinas-arms between statues of Victoria? Crest: The arms in armoury of the arms in saltire. The King of Congo, granted to King Manoel. The King of Congo. By Allain Mallet, Arms: A cross between four escutcheons charged with five besants in saltire. Manuel Afonso Nzinga a Nlenke was a ruler of Kibangu and was one of the two main Kinlaza claimants to the throne of the Kingdom of Kongo during its civil war, the other being the King of Lemba.

He ruled the Kingdom of Kibangu from to When Manuel Afonso ascended to the throne of Kibangu, there were those who were opposed to his claim to the Kingdom of Kongo, and an internal struggle for the throne of Kibangu began. In a coat of arms for Angola was proposed existing of an impaled of Portugal and a special blazon for the province. Arms: Per pale, the dexter of Portugal and the sinister fer fess, the chief an elephant in front of a tree in a landscape, proper; the base a zebra in front of a palm-tree in a landscape proper. About a year later the arms were changed.

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They became:. Arms: Gules, a Pelican in her piety proper; surrounded by a bordure Or, charged with five quinas escutcheons alternating with five crosses of the Order of Christ. Crown: A Portuguese mural crown of five towers Or. This symbol is emblematic of Christian charity. Another year later the coat of arms was changed again, reverting to the arms of Arms: Parted per pale and a base per point arched: 1. Argent, five escutcheons Azure, five balls Argent 2, 1 and 2 per cross for Portugal. Argent, five bars wavy Vert for the colony.

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Crown: A Portuguese mural crown with five towers Or. Supporter: An armillary-sphere Or. Adopted 8. Portuguese Military Units in the Province of Angola [9]. The bordure Gules symbolizes a regional command. The lions claws symbolize the arms of the Portuguese soldiers defending the province of Angola.

Smaller arms. Arms: Sable, two swords in saltire proper between four dragons rampant Or. The colour of the shield symbolizes the territory of Angola on the black continent. The two swords symbolize the arms of the Cavalry. The four dragons symbolize the four unities and their military valour.

O surpreendente amor dos Dragões Negros pela destruição!

The crest symbolizes a unity ready to attack. Crest: On a helmet to the dexter, lambrequined Argent and Sable, a black hand vested Argent and a white hand vested Sable, per pale upholding a lamp Or. The chief symbolizes the Province of Angola.

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The vested arms symbolize the collaboration of black and white Portuguese to reach enlightenment. The lamp symbolizes the didactic task of the School of Military Training of Angola. Arms: Azure, an adze and a machete in saltire proper, in chief a mullet Or and in base a rising sun Gules.

Garland : D. A stalk of corn and branches of coffee and cotton, S. Garland: D. Presidential Flag Cap badge