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Defining Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting

In the FY CoC Program Competition , HUD created the DedicatedPLUS concept to provide more flexibility to communities, particularly those that have already dedicated percent of the PSH resources to chronic homelessness, to expand their eligibility to serve persons with long histories of homelessness and severe service needs who would not meet the definition of chronic homelessness at project entry.

Can you explain the difference between beds dedicated to chronically homele - HUD Exchange

DedicatedPLUS projects may serve individuals and families with disabilities and families, that meet the following criteria at project entry:. DedicatedPLUS projects may still choose to dedicate some of their beds to those experiencing chronic homelessness, and in these cases HUD will expect that those beds serve individuals and families meeting HUD's definition of chronic homelessness and be filled by another chronically homeless participant unless there are no chronically homeless persons located within the CoC's geographic area.

For example, if a new PSH project applies for beds and chooses to dedicate 50 of those beds to individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness, then HUD will expect that at any given time 50 of the beds be filled by someone who met HUD's definition of chronic homelessness at project entry. The remaining 50 beds may be used to serve individuals and families meeting the criteria described above.

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Ask a Question Ask a basic policy or reporting system question. Yes, they will be assigned only to your account, but just as importantly, we take great measures to ensure we hire only the best. We have a centralized accounting department that you can turn to if you have any questions about billing.

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Defining Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting

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